Engineered to precision

Manufactured with care

In designing our bobbin wound GRP line of filters we have taken into consideration globally recognized standards – AD – Merkblatt N1, which is German standard and  BS4994 which is used in United Kingdom. We have chosen to adhere to them simply because adherence to these two standards provide the finished pressure vessel with the highest quality. Also these two standards encompass all the rest European standards.

Our pressure vessels are constructed  from GRP as it is stated in DIN 18820. Layers are shown in the diagram on the right. Apart from those principal layers, we use additional reinforcement in all the joints and connections in the filter.

Our GRP filters are divided into three categories: DIN Series, Series 2 and Series 3.

  1. DIN Series are designed for use in high end commercial swimming pools and they are prepared for use in multi layer filtration media setups. They are also ready to be used with hydro anthracite, and they are complient with DIN 19643/19605
  2. Series 2 is designed for commercial swimming pools of a smaller scale. They are also used where there is a need of a highest filtration quality, but there in no need to fully adhere to DIN 19643/19605.
  3. Series 3 is used for price sensitive applications.

DIN Series

Top of the line

To achieve the highest standard of water filtration for commercial pools, DIN series adhere to DIN 18820/19643/19605. DIN Series is Hydro anthracite ready.

Series 2

Best price/performance ratio

Series 2 sand filter is constructed with DIN 18820 in mind. It can be ordered as a filter with nozzle plate and filtration nozzles, or as a filter with lateral water distribution system.

Series 3

Affordable quality

Series 3 filter is used for price sensitive projects for small commercial and large private swimming pools. It comes with a premium quality fittings and sturdy lateral system.